Who do we work with?

SACE at the Inventorium is offered through Open Access College for students who wish to study fully online. Alternatively you can approach your school to ask them to work in partnership with us. We can provide school support, teachers and/or staff development depending on how your school wishes to engage. Subjects we offer include Essential Maths 1, Essential English, PLP, and Reseach Project (the 50 compulsory credits needed by everyone), and then we have options of Integrated Learning, Community Studies, Society and Culture, Business Innovation, Research Practices, Workplace Practices, Health and Creative Arts. We build a SACE to suit each individual student using combinations of these subjects to meet the students' needs.

(Please note that our Open Access College provision is a full-time equivalent enrolment and any additional courses of study, VET or other activities that you may wish to undertake need to occur outside of this enrolment at your own expense.)

SACE with ATAR (no exams)

The Inventorium maps curriculum to the compulsory subjects and a choice of 3 from 4 ATAR subjects to form the 110 credits required without any requirement for the student to sit exams.

SACE without ATAR

It is possible for a student to complete the compulsory subjects and then mix and match subjects of their choice to fulfil the requirement of 110 credits at required levels, plus an additional 90 credits of learning from other means, such as VET.


We offer a fully mapped VCAL curriculum covering numeracy, literacy and all personal development skills.

Foundation - Fully mapped Foundation curriculum provision saved into a portfolio to allow students to go back and subsequently improve their work for a higher level outcome.

Intermediate - All VCAL mapping comes with draft SSATs to support teachers with their regional reporting requirements. In addition we have an expert panel that moderates VCAL across the Inventorium schools to ensure consistency.

Senior - We offer the opportunity for senior VCAL to be achieved within a mixed ability classroom by allowing for role differentiation between tasks and projects. Students compile a portfolio of evidence complete with testimonials and recommendations from fellow students.


Our WACE options - The WACE qualification is very restricted in terms of allowing alternative means of demonstrating achievement of the curriculum and hence the Inventorium portfolio provision can only be utilised for 8 credits worth of Courage Quest activity. The rest of the curriculum can be utilised to support teaching and learning in other areas, but more restricted content focussed assessment processes will need to be applied, as will the WACE board exams.

The Authority-developed endorsed program ‘Community Service’ will provide WACE recognition for a whole range of service learning projects which can be undertaken utilising the Courage Quest curriculum. Schools enrol and result the students in this endorsed program if they are undertaking community service through the Inventorium program. Schools should know how to action this electronic data transfer, and this can count for up to 8 credits of WACE, or 20% of the curriculum.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

The Inventorium can be used to support and record outcomes for the Voluntary Service element of the Duke of Edinburgh Award framework, and for the Skills Development element.

The Courage Quests support the voluntary projects, and there is a plethora of curriculum to support skills development and personal development.

The hours and depth requirement varies according to the level of award being completed, and the curriculum can cater for all levels.