Other Education Providers

Who do we work with?

Whether you work with refugees, in the foster care system, with NDIS recipients, or in hospitals – the Inventorium can flex to meet your needs. One of the core design features is that students can work at their pace on the elements that are relevant and of interest to them, so that they do not fall behind in receiving education when they are outside of a school environment for whatever reason. This can be particularly useful for students who are transient, such as students in foster care or moving due to domestic violence issues; or Indigenous students who may need time out to attend Sorry Camps or other community ceremonies.

Do we need to be a school?

While the year 10-12 curriculum requires a school registration in order to gain a High School Certificate outcome, it is not a necessary requirement if that is not the goal. We support homeschoolers, travelling kids and students in all sorts of situations that do not fall within the traditional school pattern.

We also have a version for RTO's, apprentices and young people entering the workforce directly, either as an intern or as an employee to learn with their employer on the job. More information can be found here: Inventorium Work Space.

Do we need to be teachers?

The curriculum is written in such a way that it is easy for anyone to supervise as it is process based not content based, so the only requirement is that the person who is facilitating the learning is interested in what the student is doing. Anything you get stuck with – call our teacher support team, that is what we are here for.

So it doesn’t matter if you are an SSO, a youth worker, a parent, grandparent, or anyone really, so long as you are interested in the student’s learning you will cope.

We must point out, however, that the role of the ‘teacher/facilitator’ is the most important role in the system. The system does not replace teachers, it just changes the nature of the teaching so that subject expertise is not necessary.

What support can I get if I get stuck?

In addition to our teacher support team, we also have provider groups you can join to share stories and buddy up with other users who can help you get started, and support you if you find yourself unsure of anything. It is not possible to get anything ‘wrong’ in the Inventorium. The students cannot be wrong, the teachers cannot be wrong, and the parents cannot be wrong. The system flexes to meet everyone’s needs, be it an assessment level (they are negotiated), to pace of learning, or outcomes achieved.

We can also add curriculum to the platform that you want covered, and remove any or all of our curriculum if it doesn’t suit your needs, but you get it as standard when you join us.


"John is loving the forums. It’s his first interaction with online media."

Mum of Year 7 student

"I've been homeschooled ever since I was in year 2, and before beginning Inventorium, I had little motivation to do my schoolwork, which made it a struggle to even get started with it in the morning."

Rural Year 10 student

"Your product looks awesome, much needed in the home educating curriculum market."

Beverley Paine, Home Education Community Leader