How Homeschooling Works

July 6, 2020 5 MIN READ Eddie Blass
How homeschooling works

Many parents end up homeschooling by accident. By this I mean, they didn’t set out to be homeschools – but something happened and for some reason or another, they and/or their kids just decided that school wasn’t working for them anymore. This can be a scary realisation when it happens, particularly as many parents don’t understand how homeschooling works, but with the Inventorium it doesn’t need to be the traumatic life shift you might be expecting it to be.

Any time

Firstly, our curriculum is completely online – so it doesn’t matter where your kid is, so long as their is an internet connection, they can study. And we’re working on a downloadable version at the moment for when connection is dodgy. So, if you have a particularly long day scheduled out, or an overnight stop somewhere, and you don’t want to leave your teen at home alone, they can go with you and not fall behind with their studies at all.

Curriculum Mapping

Secondly, we have all the mapping against standards and curriculum done so when it comes to registering as homeschooling and providing a plan for the year – we have you covered! Check out our years 7-9 offering here


Thirdly, your kid saves all their work into their portfolio so there is no chance of them losing it, or leaving it somewhere (particularly if your kid lives between residences with shared parenting). Any excuses related to location disappear!

Good way to end the day…..

And finally, the requirement for your involvement is a maximum of an hour a day, if that, and if you need us to, we can help you cover that. Ideally you will check in with your kid, lookover and discuss what they’ve done that day and plan for the next day, but you can do this for a couple of a days at a time as they build their independent learning skills.

No expertise needed

The best thing of all though, with the Inventorium, you don’t have to be a subject specialist in anything. We realise that you can pretty much learn anything on YouTube, so we’ve designed the curriculum to be content free and process-based, so your kid chooses the areas they wish to study, and your job is simply to help guide them through the process. Doesn’t matter if they end up teaching you the science of motor engines as they build their motorised bath cleaner (because they hate having to wash the bathtub)- the process of learning the science and being able to teach it to you is the achievement you’re after, and if their invention cleans your baths, then that’s even better! Then they can take their invention and look at how they can build a business from it. Check out our years 10-12 offering here.

And if you’re now sitting worrying about how homeschooling works with the social aspect of learning – well that can be achieved online (note how long kids spend online with friends anyway) – but next year we are adding drop-in learning centers into the mix, so watch this space, or sign up to our newsletter to stay across our new developments!