What is Inventorium Complete?

It's a way to have your kids schooled at home without you doing the work.

24/7 access to our unique, leading edge learning platform and curriculum with personalised learning plan

Two individual, online tutorials per week PLUS a work based mentor for years 11 and 12

Email and text support if you get stuck between tutorials

At least one weekly webinar (maybe more depending on personalised learning plan)

Facilitator reviews your work and gives you feedback to help you achieve the level outcomes you want


In response to COVID19 queries we’ve received, we are now offering a fully supported Inventorium service for ‘homeschoolers’. This lets you register your child as homeschooled in your State. We then provide the full Inventorium teaching experience to your child at home, including learning plans and assessment reports for you to use for your homeschooling registration.

This allows us to provide a National Service similar to that currently limited to SA/NT through our work with Open Access College.

We are also exploring means by which we can offer SACE registrations for out of state students and will be adding this opportunity shortly. SACE can be completed with or without an ATAR without needing to sit any examinations which is why it is our preferred certification route.

*Please note that due to Victorian legal restrictions, this service cannot be offered quite like this in Victoria. Please call to discuss.


While not every State in Australia has experienced school shutdowns on any long-term basis, some have, and many have internationally. There are a number of Facebook sites of teachers globally teaching online in shutdown, and a number of organisations publishing both anecdotal and statistical data, all of which may be too soon to be completely reliable, but they do all signal to a number of trends emerging that we would not have realised without this global pandemic crisis.

1. Many children have no problem learning online, particularly High School children who are left to get on and learn something that interests them – in fact many preferred it. Patterns of engagement differed as students may choose to do one subject all day rather than limit their attention to class time allocations. Students with special needs, for example, such as autism, have particularly noted benefits in learning online.

2. Many children who were not succeeding in the physical school classroom are succeeding with learning at home in their own ‘SMART’ world. They manage their time differently; engage in their learning differently; and interact in their world differently to what the traditional physical school classroom can accommodate. Students who suffer anxiety or other mental/physical health issues particularly found this to be the case.

3. Many schools have struggled with delivering an engaging curriculum to kids schooling from home as they try to replicate the classroom at a distance, rather than engaging in online pedagogies and practice.


As a result of these trends, many parents are wondering what their kids are learning at school? What are they paying school fees for? And how are they going to re-engage their kids in learning again?
Inventorium offers an alternative interdisciplinary curriculum which is completely student centered, maps against ACARA for years 7-9, and meets the requirements of SACE (with an ATAR if desired) for years 10-12 – but that is not its aim.
The curriculum was designed to meet the needs of kids disengaging from school, for whatever reason, with the aim of developing them to the point that they can be economically sustainable citizens with a purpose in their life. If this needs a SACE on the way, that is fine, but if it doesn’t, that is also fine.
We have been working with Open Access College to provide this curriculum fully online to a group of students who would otherwise not engage with school and have a 100% retention rate with over 20 students. We effectively write an individual SACE for each student – individual LAPs, task sheets, etc.


"John’ is loving the forums. It’s his first interaction with online media."

Mum of Year 7 student

"I've been homeschooled ever since I was in year 2, and before beginning Inventorium, I had little motivation to do my schoolwork, which made it a struggle to even get started with it in the morning."

Rural Year 10 student

"Your product looks awesome, much needed in the home educating curriculum market"

Beverley Paine, Home Education Community Leader