September 27, 2020


Eddie Blass

I am increasingly worried by the number of people who use the term ‘fake news’ as it is a complete oxymoron. Something cannot be ‘fake’ and ‘news’. It is akin to calling something both fiction and non-fiction at the same time. You can’t! Calling an item that has been published ‘fake news’ gives it a …

September 11, 2020


Eddie Blass

I was at a Learning Creates Australia workshop event a few weeks ago where the following chart was shared. I suddenly realised why so many young Australians are disengaging from education and their future.  Australian competitiveness means Australian teens are set up to fail. Australia’s Over-Competitiveness The graph clearly shows that young teenage Australians have …

How homeschooling works

July 6, 2020


Eddie Blass

Many parents end up homeschooling by accident. By this I mean, they didn’t set out to be homeschools – but something happened and for some reason or another, they and/or their kids just decided that school wasn’t working for them anymore. This can be a scary realisation when it happens, particularly as many parents don’t …

I looked forward to the report on the NSW curriculum review of education with some optimism as I’d heard on the grapevine that it was making recommendations that align with the work I do. While they recognise that kids are disengaging from the current offering, the recommendations for implementation fall far short of the mark. …


I recently had the good fortune of visiting Thebarton Senior College, and I was so excited to find that they didn’t ring a bell or sound an alarm to signal the end of the lesson. Instead, they relied on students and staff to manage their own time and get where they needed to be. I’m …


I was an early pioneer of online teaching, teaching through video conference to classrooms overseas before Zoom, Collaborate, Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams existed. I’ve got over 10 years of experience teaching online in universities, and I have spent the last four years developing an online curriculum for high school children who, for whatever reason, …


December 5, 2019


Eddie Blass

We’ve seen a decline in PISA comparative results for Australia for nearly 2 decades now, and what have seen in response. More rigid curriculum requirements; more rigid reporting requirements; more rigid testing requirement; more pressure and blame on the teachers; more diversified funding of schools leading to greater inequality of provision; and in some states, …


August 30, 2019


Eddie Blass

Is it me, or is Australia in deep trouble? I’ve spent 3 years developing an alternative curriculum and education system for high schools called the Inventorium, and have researched and interacted with lots of schools around Australia and many of the Assessment Boards. In my experience, South Australia has the most forward thinking and flexible …

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