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Leading the way in online learning development

The Inventorium was designed by a group of academics, teachers and corporate professionals to embody a major shift in the way we think about and deliver education. Our team were early adopters in the online learning space, so we have years of mistakes to draw on. From streaming to the classroom to streaming from the classroom, we have done it all. We draw on lessons learned and a broad base of research. You can read some of the research reports that inspire us at the bottom of the page.

The shift to online learning

With COVID-19 closing schools and disrupting workplaces all around the world, many educators and employers are scrambling to deliver existing classes online rather than shifting to a model designed specifically for online teaching. For many this will mean less genuine learning or even disengagement from learning altogether. Educators adapting to online education may want to take a look at the Inventorium's design document, which explains why online learning necessitates a fundamentally different approach to teaching and learning.


Former full-time academic and teacher, Eddie is the brains behind the concept design and the curriculum writing in the Inventorium.

Professor Eddie Blass

Founder and CEO

UX, UI and game designer, Joel is the creative brain behind the user interface design and the light gamification of the avatar sitting in the Inventorium.

Joel Turner

Interface Designer

Tracey's goal is to work with schools implementing the Inventorium and supporting the SACE resulting process.

Tracey Korsten

Schools Liaison Manager

David is our Teacher Support Partner and provides system support to all the other teachers using the Inventorium, no matter what school they are in, or where they are based.

David Balfour

System Support Partner

Luke is a teacher, entrepreneur, photographer, artist and motivational speaker. His work with young people spans the last two decades and desires his students to seek their passions creatively.

Luke Greaves

Teacher and Video Producer

Trisha is passionate about seeing her students succeed, possibly stemming from her previous career as a lawyer, and her maths and science background.

Trisha Westlake


Advisory board

Angela Di Sotto-hames

SACE Expert

Scott Dirix

SACE Expert

David Stillwell

VCAL Expert

Sylvia Noonan

VCAL Expert

Peta Denahey

VCAL Expert

Current Partners